Thursday, August 31, 2017

In this interview, CASL Grad Jessica Strachan discusses how her liberal arts degree has shaped her academically and professionally by Leah Johnson

-What year did you graduate and what was your major?

J.S.: 2009 B.A. I majored in communications-journalism and behavioral sciences. I earned my M.A. from UM-Flint in social sciences in 2011. 

-What Clubs/Organizations were you part of while on campus? 
J.S.: President of Amnesty International, a writer for the Michigan Journal, member of Campus Video. I also worked in Admissions & Orientation, was an orientation leader and later worked in Institutional Advancement, developing the framework for the campus' Student Philanthropy Council. 

-Describe the current project you're currently working on and how it relates to campus and the Dearborn Community
J.S.: Right now I have the pleasure of covering the people and projects contributing positive things to the city of Dearborn, a community I feel very connected to from my undergrad experience at UM-Dearborn. I'm the project editor and engagement manager for Metromode Media's On the Ground Dearborn program, where we are embedded in the community for three months to promote the initiatives and leaders driving vitality within the city.

-How has a liberal arts degree from CASL helped you personally and professionally? 

J.S.: One of the most valuable experiences from my liberal arts degree was the school's emphasis on gaining professional experience as a student through internships. As a new writer, I was ahead of the game with a full portfolio of published work at local news stations thanks to the opportunities I had from CASL's internship program. I'm passionate about the arts and social sciences and in each piece I write, I'm able to pull from my interdisciplinary education at UM-Dearborn.