Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Over the years, many University of Michigan-Dearborn students have turned their tassel and officially been welcomed to the Michigan Alumni Family. However, while many become alums in title, there are those who choose to make the title work for them as they give back to their alma mater.

In this month’s alumni blog post, we meet Theresa Sommerville, a 2016 CASL graduate who studied Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies and minored in Communication. She works as a supervisor at a Social Services Agency, and remains connected with the University by serving as the Chair for the African American Alumni Affiliate.

CASL: Why do you value the education you received as a CASL student?
Theresa Sommerville: Being a CASL student was the best decision for me. In a world where STEM is taking over, Liberal Arts degrees are often forgotten or not sought after. Being in CASL, I learned valuable skills in writing, reading, communication, project management, organization and critical thinking. These are skills that everyone needs, regardless of your degree path. I also learned business strategies, analytical statistics, and other key skills that others forget can be learned with a CASL degree.

CASL: Why do you believe the liberal arts and humanities are valuable?
TS: Liberal arts and humanities are valuable because we are growing into a more social world. Top executives in STEM have to meet with people just like the top business professional. We learn valuable skills in the liberal arts and humanities that easily become a part of our everyday work and social lives. That's what liberal arts and humanities gives us -- the tools to make it happen in the social workplace.

Interview Compiled by Leah Olajide